Wyatt's Leamonade Stand

The story of a 9-month-old baby who stood against liver failure for 30-days… only to be let down by his medical staff

Who is Wyatt “Pie Man” Leamon?

Wyatt Leamon, who we affectionately called “Pie Man”, was a happy, healthy 9-month-old baby boy who always wore the biggest smile, sometimes, with his tongue sticking out.  He truly was the perfect little guy.  Unfortunately, his star was extinguished too soon when he went in to see the Pediatrician for a common ear infection.  The prescription antibiotic, Amoxicillin was prescribed and he had a severe allergic reaction and went into liver failure.  A tragic sequence of events followed over the next 30 days including two hospitals, medical mysteries, drugs, blood tests, Doctor after Doctor and ultimately, a failed attempt to save his life the morning of his life-saving liver transplant.  Wyatt will always be remembered for his laugh, his love, his big brown eyes and the light he brought to his family for the nine months of the time he spent with us.  There is no better tribute than the video “A Slice of Life with Pie Man” (on the right) which highlights the time he spent with his family and the bond he had with his brother.

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Before there was Facebook, Twitter and other social media, the Leamon family documented Wyatt’s experience via their own blog

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